Arrivages SAQ 10 mai 2012

Arrivages du 10 mai 2012: SAQ Signature Montréal

Bonjour à tous !

Voici les nouveautés pour cette semaine à la SAQ.  En vente le jeudi à 10h.  Certaines restrictions et/ou limitations sont possibles.  À vérifier auprès de votre succursale.

Malheureusement pas de nouveauté whisky cette semaine!  Voici une petite suggestion, jusqu’au 13 mai 2012, le Maker’s Mark (#8)  Code SAQ: 10817807 est en spécial à 33$ au lieu de 38$ !

Voici d’autres nouveaux produits intéressants :

  • Rhum Guadeloupe Libération 2010, #SAQ 11651651, 129$
  • Vodka Lettonie Stolichnaya Elit, #SAQ11638510, 70$

Pour plus d’information:

Bonne journée !


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  1. Howdy!

    Do you know when the Jim Beam, Code SAQ : 11495512 will be back in stock? Thanks.

    • it is still available in some SAQ, have you checked on their website ? maybe you could sat at your SAQ if they could get you one from anothes branch…

      • Howdy!

        There are a grand total of 30 bottles in the entire province (8 in Chandler and 8 in Gatineau, along with 1’s and 2’s scattered elsewhere in Quebec). I have been told that it is on order, but no one has been able to tell me when it will arrive.

      • Unfortunately I don’t work for SAQ I just rely on infos given to me by friends…I will look what I can find…

      • Well, I was told that ±150 cases where currently at SAQ’s Warehouse and once the standard verifications are made, they would be released…good for you!!

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